REUSE compliance of sap/neonbee

Congratulations, is REUSE compliant! This project adopts the recommendations to make software licensing easy for humans and machines alike.


To add the badge to your project's file, use the following snippet:

[![REUSE status](](

Parseable JSON

All information about the latest compliance check can also be accessed via a machine-parsable JSON file.

Last lint output

Commit 9608bcca7b1045747fc8b66421c549fe7bbacf7f was checked on 06 May 2021 11:10:25 UTC with the following result:


* Bad licenses:
* Deprecated licenses:
* Licenses without file extension:
* Missing licenses:
* Unused licenses:
* Used licenses: Apache-2.0, CC0-1.0, EPL-2.0
* Read errors: 0
* Files with copyright information: 360 / 360
* Files with license information: 360 / 360

Congratulations! Your project is compliant with version 3.0 of the REUSE Specification :-)